More Heads in the Game

Optimize your pipelines with project management consultancy and short-term development services. So you have more time and resources to spend perfecting your game, inventing new creative specs, and adding value for your players.

Martin Mittner

From our experience in game development, we understand what you’re facing, and know to treat your IP like it’s our own. Our hope is to see you produce the best games possible, in the best possible way.

Martin Mittner, CEO Tiny Hydra

What It’s Like to Work With Us

You may be wondering what it is that we’re doing and how a collaboration with Tiny Hydra might look like. That’s why we’ve showcased our Customer Journey in a short game, called ‘This Game is a Business Card’.

It’s a short visual novel that gives you, as the player, the chance to become a senior manager on a game development project. You will encounter the kind of problems that such a person is likely to contend with and you’ll be given choices that will let you solve them, or perhaps, make them worse. Throughout the game, you get the option to work with Tiny Hydra and find out how that may help you.

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