Write For Us at Tiny Hydra

Accurate and relevant content for the games industry is one of our staples. However, we know our writers aren’t the only folks out there with something interesting to say. This is why we welcome external writers to our platform.

We want to be straightforward: we expect to decline most article applications. We’re picky as pickles about the content that we have on our site. We put a lot of care into our articles. In addition to  quality standards we have  requirements for content and tone of voice. The best way to prepare your article in order to be considered is to read this page carefully. 

Why Write For Us?

If you’re an aspiring writer, (game) journalist, researcher, or just have a strong perspective on Crunch, digital labor, remote working, or games project management, we can provide you with a platform to share your thoughts and experience. How visible you want to be (or not, if you prefer to be anonymous) is up to you, but we’ll be sharing the article on our socials at the least. It’s a good exercise to practice your writing if you’re new, as we’ll co-work on the final article with you to make sure it’s in tip-top shape. Or, if you’re experienced, it’s another way to get visibility on your work and contribute to something bigger.


  • Send a rough draft. A title or topic alone will be automatically rejected. In the end, you’re going to write it, and we want to see your skill, knowledge, and personality come through.
  • Write for our target audience: games industry professionals or aspirants, from start-ups to corporates.
  • Keep it simple and concise to get your point across without too much mumbo jumbo – between 1000 and 2500 words is well enough. After all, we’re not a book publishing company! Try and stay concise and to the point. Articles in the 1000 – 2500 range are typical but we will accept longer word counts for complex topics or comprehensive guides, as long as the writing remains relevant and on-topic. If you have a hard time keeping your word count down, consider breaking your topic into multiple articles.
  • Our blog is friendly and conversational, so we use the first-person and active verbs. We like our readers to know our articles are written by actual living, breathing people.
  • Bring something to the table: a new perspective, do some research or tell an interesting story. No one wants to listen to you shout into an echo chamber.
  • Be respectful and helpful. Our platform has a focus on providing concrete solutions, tips, tricks, and information about the games industry in a way that enables and empowers people to be and do better. 

Things to avoid:

  • Naming and shaming – we’re not here to expose companies or people for Crunching or for bad behavior. Instead, we take a helpful and collaborative approach, looking at systemic issues, rather than singular people or companies.
  • IP breaches, plagiarism, and spilling secrets – make sure your work is originally yours, not copied, and does not infringe on others’ intellectual property or rights. That includes the contracts you’ve signed with (former) employers / employees. 
  • Being a jerk in general – Tiny Hydra is not a platform to spew ugliness, holier-than-thou attitudes, racism, misogyny, discrimination or hatred in general. Again, our focus is on how to help make things better, not worse.

Topics we’d love you to write about:

  • Crunch in the games industry
  • Digital labor, remote working, and outsourcing
  • HR and recruitment, job-seeking, and games careers
  • Personal experiences, diversity, and implementing change
  • Project management, organizational structures, hierarchy
  • Practical descriptions of the games industry landscape, such as different roles and their daily work

We hope to have prepared you for writing a killer article! If you’re ready to pitch your work, use our contact form and put GUEST POST at the start of your message; and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible, in most cases within a week.

Happy writing!