Team Augmentation

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Team Augmentation for Games Design and Development

Here are just some of the ways our Hydra Heads can help you complete your game.

Technical Design

What do you do when you have hundreds of enemies, that all need to be set up in-engine with decision trees and stats so characters act in ways that make them feel unique and fun while staying consistent with their tuning specs? Can you divert an engineer to make a tool? Or maybe, you should bring on a Tiny Hydra technical game designer! Our Hydra Heads can help you solve TD problems like this, and many others. We help you improve your workflows by:

  • Creating tools for designers in engines like Unity & Unreal
  • Developing high-level gameplay implementations
  • Helping you build out your custom engine
Rapid Prototyping

So you have a game idea and you want to get funded, but need something to show. Maybe you have a set of alternative mechanics or interfaces you are thinking about pursuing but can’t take the time to build them out in your core game to try them. Perhaps you just want to test the technical feasibility of an idea. Sometimes you just need something quick and dirty which allows you to experiment. Our Hydra Heads can help you with that.

  • Build grey box prototypes
  • Help creating a vertical slice
  • Fill a niche you don’t have on an R&D team
Playtest Management

Isn’t it a pain to go through all the time and effort to get playtesting data? Your designers and developers would rather be doing “real work” right? But playtesting is real work and not doing it well can torpedo your game. Our Hydra Heads can run your playtesting or supplement an existing team and have the capabilities to operate at scale using external tools or keep things internal until you’re ready.

  • Design tests which will render actionable results
  • Recruit testers, and administer tests via a variety of platforms
  • Record and collate well organized feedback
UX Research

Whether you want to do some micro-usability testing or diary studies, or just need a few professionals to diagnose your usability issues: these things take time. Plus, you have to figure out what all that data means for your game. How will you do all that and get your project done on time? Take some of the load off, our Hydra Heads can help you out

  • Heuristic analyses
  • Mixed-method user experience testing
  • Post-processing and presenting test data


Still have questions?

We have answers

Each project is different but as a standard we provide 2 weeks of free onboarding on every project of 3 months or more and our Hydra Heads are specifically trained to hit the ground running so that they can be productive as quickly as possible.

Absolutely! Our Hydra Heads are trained in a wide variety of skills and technologies. The ones listed on this page are only the ones we identified as being the highest impact services which we can provide in order to help solve your crunch issue.

Our Hydra Heads are meant to help tackle short-term demand so we can have them on a project in as little as 2-weeks after you first contact us. However, it will depend on availability as our Hydra Heads are in high demand.

Unfortunately not. Our Hydra Heads are specially trained to be effective remote workers. We believe that this outweighs any potential negatives that come with not having them onsite.

Our Hydra Heads often enter projects when they are at their most chaotic and everyone is madly crunching to get their game finished! Because of this, we make sure that your Hydra Heads have a strict number of hours in place that they will be available for a project. If, as the deadline gets closer, you need more resources, we would always be happy to provide you with more Hydra Heads to help you finish your project on time and on budget.

We source our Hydra Heads from around the world. All of our Hydra Heads are tested up to at least a B2 level of English language proficiency and vetted for communication skills so you will have no trouble collaborating with them.